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Arman Assadi – 7-Figure Copywriting
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Arman Assadi – 7-Figure Copywriting



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Arman Assadi – 7-Figure Copywriting

Are you looking for an honest review of Foundr’s 7-Figure Copywriting Course? If you are doing online business, you should understand the importance of copywriting.

I know many online marketers are struggling to write high-converting sales copy. If this is you, it’s time to level up your copywriting skills. Otherwise, you would have to hire a copywriter who can charge you $300 to $500 for just a short sales copy or even an email.

There are a number of copywriting courses on the market, but most are overpromising you and do not teach you the true hacks of copywriting.

So you may wonder if Foundr’s 7-Figure Copywriting course is worth investing in.

Actually, I enrolled in this course a year ago. So I can tell you everything you need to know about this course.

I have a passion to help people to explore the best online courses or tools to scale their online businesses. Over the years, I have written hundreds of reviews.

Who is Arman Assadi?

Arman Assadi is a famous copywriter and entrepreneur. He was the founder of Project EVO, which is the most funded planner on Kickstarter.

Arman Assadi has been the chief strategist of 11 different product launches. He was employed by a lot of influential figures such as Neil Patel, Lewis Howes, Jason Silva, Lori Harder, Timothy Sykes, Gerad Adams and many more.

Neil Patel said that he has worked with a lot of copywriters but nothing converts as well as Arman’s copy.

Some big companies such as IBM, T-Mobile, Paypal, Century 21, also learned and implemented Arman Assadi’s method of copywriting.

Therefore, Foundr chose to partner with Arman Assadi to create this 7-Figure Copywriting Course.

What is Foundr’s 7-Figure Copywriting Course?

Foundr cooperated with copywriting expert Arman Assadi to create this course to help business owners write engaging copy that sells.

If you are doing online business, you should know that you need copywriting in many aspects.

When you want to write a Facebook post to get new followers, you have to write. When you launch an email campaign, you have to write and get link clicks for more sales. Your words matter a lot to create trust, connection and engagement with your potential customers.

To get consistent sales conversions, you must know how to write something that can resonate with your audience.

This 7-Figure Copywriting course by Foundr is a step-by-step system that anyone can understand and apply in any business. You can make money as long as you know what to write and communicate with your audience.

If you hire a copywriter to write a sales copy for you, it can cost hundreds of dollars.

Therefore, I always recommend entrepreneurs learn copywriting and write the sales copy by themselves at the beginning.

After your business scales, you can train your employees by giving them this course and they can write copies for you.

An Overview of Foundr’s 7-Figure Copywriting Course

There are 5 training modules in this course. In total, you will get access to 33 video lessons, which last for around 5 hours.

Here’s what you will get after enrolling in this course.

Module 1: The Critical “Conversion Copywriting” Fundamentals

In this module, you will learn the foundation of copywriting. Arman Assadi will give you an overview of the copywriting framework that he is going to explain to you step-by-step in the later modules.

Arman Assadi says great copywriting is a combination of Art, Science and Authenticity, which I cannot agree more.

Moreover, Arman Assadi will teach you how to craft the customer avatar after doing marketing research. That way, you would know what to write in the sales copy.

Moodle 2: The 10-Step Copywriting Framework

This is an exciting module because Arman Assadi will dive deep into his proven 10-step framework to write competing sales copy.

For example, you will learn how to write best-selling headlines, make an offer and convert customers with your words.

Module 3: Writing Copy For Different Mediums

In marketing, you have to use different mediums to reach your audience and promote your products or services. That means you have to master how to write copy for different mediums.

Arman Assadi will teach you the hacks to create copy for landing pages, sales pages, webinars, social media and ads.

He will provide you with some concrete examples so that you will have a better idea of how to write.

Module 4: Email Copywriting

We all know email marketing is important when it comes to online marketing. Every online business should devote resources to email marketing.

In the module, Arman Assadi will teach you how to write campaigns and broadcast emails that your subscribers like reading so that you can get them to buy your product and services.

You will learn how to craft engaging stories to engage your email subscribers.

Module 5: Powerful Touchpoint & Micro Copy

In this final module, Arman Assadi will teach you how to do touchpoint copy to optimise the conversion rate of the whole sales process.

For example, you will learn what words are the best for buttons on landing pages or thank you pages so that people will click.

After all, it’s useless if people don’t click the call to action button and checkout.

6 Exclusive Bonus

You will get the amazing 7-figure swipe files that will help you write much faster. It includes sales pages, email campaigns, upsell and video sales scripts that you can model.

Some of the examples are the real copy written by Arman Assadi for his clients like Neil Patel and Lewis Howes. Those sales copies were able to generate millions of dollars in sales.

In addition, Foundr also gives you full access to another course called “Landing Page Formula”. This is an amazing course that teaches you how to design high-converting landing pages.

Moreover, you will get a 12-month digital subscription to Foundr Magazine, where you can learn a lot from self-made entrepreneurs interviewed by Foundr.

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Arman Assadi – 7-Figure Copywriting By Foundr

7-Figure Copywriting Course By Arman Assadi

Arman Assadi – 7-Figure Copywriting Course

FOUNDR – 7-Figure Copywriting

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