Bastiaan Slot – Agency Cultivation
Bastiaan Slot – Agency Cultivation
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Bastiaan Slot – Agency Cultivation



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Bastiaan Slot – Agency Cultivation

What is The Agency
Auto-Pilot Program?

The Agency Auto-Pilot Program is a comprehensive 6-Week Program which shows you how to build a 6-figure agency from scratch and no previous experience.

The Agency Auto-Pilot Program it’s goal is to show you how to get to 6-figures quickly, while delivering great results, retaining your clients, getting meetings on auto-pilot and building a team around yourself to achieve ULTIMATE FREEDOM!

Who is The Agency
Auto-Pilot Program For?

The Agency Auto-Pilot Program is for aspiring entrepreneurs who are starting completely from scratch, with no previous experience or testimonials.

The Program is also for:
· Aspiring entrepreneurs who are currently stuck in a 9 – 5 job and want to have more freedom and flexibility.
· Online agency owners who are just starting out and are struggling to land their first few clients.
· Online agency owners who are at 1-5K /month but just can not seem to scale past that amount.

The Agency Auto-Pilot Program is for anyone who’s either starting from scratch or wanting to scale to the 6-figure mark and beyond.

When You Join The Agency Auto-Pilot Program, You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

Module 1: Foundations of A $10.000+ P/M Agency
· What Is The Agency Auto-Pilot Model?
· How To Pick The Right Niche For You That Is The Most High-Ticket & Profitable
· How To Create A Cutting-Edge Offer That Grabs Your Markets Attention
· Hiring Elite Media Buyers And Standing Out From The Competition⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
· The Goal With The Program Explained As A Step-By-Step System So You Are Never Lost

Module 2: Mindset Training to Rewire Your Brain For Success
· How To Become The Person Who Is Capable And Worthy Of A 6-Figure Business
· Getting Rid Of Your Mental Barriers & Limiting Beliefs For Once And For All
· The Disciplines And Principles Of A Successful Mindset
· Transcend Into A Completely New Person To Become Whoever You Want To Become
· Erasing The Fear Of Rejection And Boosting Your Confidence To Close Clients

Module 3: Fully Automated Outreach Methods That Will Set You 5-8 Sales Appointments A Week On Auto-Pilot
· Setting Up Your Outreach Fundamentals To Be Setup For Long-Term & Consistent Success
· Setting Up Your LinkedIn War Machine And Getting Meetings On Auto-Pilot Every Day
· Setting Up The Automated Facebook Outreach Strategy On Auto-Pilot By Using Our In-House Automation Tool To Get Meetings Every Day
· Creating Your Cold Email Firestorm With No Bounces, Proven Sequences And High Quantity Of Emails /Day To Set Multiple Meetings On Auto-Pilot Every Day

Module 4: How To Close $3000+ Agency Clients With NO Previous Experience/Testimonials
· How To Sign Your First Few Clients With Our Proven Strategies & Sales Scripts
· How To Lose The Fear Of Rejection, Get More Confident And Get Clients To Say YES
· How To Sign High-Ticket, 6-Figure Contracts With LIVE Sales Calls & Examples
· This Is How To Sign Your First Few Clients With No Experience/Testimonials

Module 5: Getting GUARANTEED Results For Your Clients & Keeping Them For YEARS
· How To Run Successful Advertisements For Your Digital Marketing Agency Clients
· How To Retain Your Clients By Managing Expectations, Delivering Results & Providing An Unforgettable Client Experience So They Stay For YEARS!
· How To Hire The Right Media Buyers For Your Agency And Keep Profit Margins Excruciatingly High
· Systematically Tracking Progress And How To Correctly Scale With Your Agency By Understanding The Mindset & Vocabulary Behind Fulfillment

Module 6: Team-Building To Achieve ULTIMATE Freedom In Your Life
· How To Automate & Delegate Service Delivery, Client Management And Communication To Win Back Your Time And Get ULTIMATE FREEDOM!
· How To Hire, Manage And Pay Appointment Setters To Delegate Your Manual Outreach Labor To Win Back Time And Either Scale Your Agency Or Have It On Auto-Pilot!
· How To Hire, Manage And Pay Sales Reps To Fire Yourself From Your Agency So You Can Scale Entirely On Auto-Pilot!
· How To Do Accounting, Manage Your Finances & Cash Flow To Stay Profitable In Your Agency
· How To Achieve Operational And Communicative Excellence In Your Agency

Here’s a summary of everything you get..

The Complete Agency Auto-Pilot Program! 
($4997 Value)

So you can scale to 6-figures quickly, while delivering great results to client, getting meetings on auto-pilot and achieving ULTIMATE FREEDOM by building a team…

Access to the Agency Cultivation Student Group ($747 Value)

So you can strategize and get help from previous students that are already at the 6-figure mark and beyond!

Not only that, everyday we have new people joining us so you always have a circle that’s like-minded, serves as your accountability partner and you can always get questions to your answer so you’re never LOST…

But WAIT! That’s Not All…



LIVE Sales Calls Where We Sign $7,500+ Agency Contracts 
($497 Value)

So you can listen to actual LIVE FOOTAGE from people who have already done it, are where you want to be at and progress faster!


Qualified Media Buyers In Our Community You Can LEVERAGE
($1997 Value)

So you can rely on trust-worthy media buyers that we have interviewed, vetted and brought into our community so you can work with the right people for the long-term!


Peak Performance Training For Entrepreneurs
 by Billy Harris
($4997 Value)

So you can have the best routine for productivity, eliminating brain fog and being optimized to work at a 100% capacity and take care of your health as an entrepreneur!

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