Ricky Hayes – Youtube Ads Ecom Blueprint
Ricky Hayes – Youtube Ads Ecom Blueprint
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Ricky Hayes – Youtube Ads Ecom Blueprint



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Ricky Hayes – Youtube Ads Ecom Blueprint

Ricky Hayes – Youtube Ads Ecom Blueprint

Youtube ads for Ecommerce is unsaturated, which bring us huge opportunity! Think of it like this, it is just like Facebook ads, with the power of Google ads backing it! Add those together and you get the most insane mixture of the biggest digital marketing you can ever get! And that is what I bring to you today!
You are going to get the most comprehensive Youtube ads course in the industry from an expert who has sold over $8,000,000 in sales since starting over 2 years ago. I have mastered Youtube ads through a lot of trial and error to get this knowledge in a single location, and people are already loving it!

What you are going to learn is:
1. How to build a shopify store optimized for Youtube ads
2. How to find winning products that you can market on Youtube ads
3. How to setup your dashboard optimized for Youtube ads
4. How to successfully make high-converting videos for Youtube ads
5. How to successfully market using Youtube ads full strategy
6. How to successfully remarket using Youtube ads to scale your business
You get all that in a single location, along with mentoring and frequent updates!

♦ Course Curriculum
Module 0 – Welcome to Youtube Ads Ecom Blueprint

  • Introduction Video (2:58)

Module 1 – Shopify Store Setup For Youtube Ads

  • Create Your Store (28:52)
  • Connect payment gateways (3:55)
  • Connecting your conversion tracking codes (5:01)
  • Customer Tracking Updates (11:48)
  • SMS Abandoned cart recovery (15:09)
  • Managing Customer Reviews (16:30)
  • Messenger Abandoned Cart Recovery (15:05)
  • Exit Intent Hack (8:48)
  • Crushing Your Images (4:42)
  • Email Abandoned Cart Recovery And Marketing (32:44)
  • Persuasive Copy For Our Product Pages (7:57)
  • Free Automated Order Fulfillment (5:54)
  • The Best Free Premium Theme (8:30)
  • Private Sourcing Agent For Branding (3:58)

Module 2 – Winning Product Research For Youtube Ads

  • Aliexpress Winning Product Research (12:08)
  • Amazon Winning Product Research (14:00)
  • Shopify Store Winning Product Research (10:35)
  • Facebook Winning Product Research (12:27)
  • Other Hacks To Find Winning Products (5:22)
  • Updated Facebook And Shopify Winning Product Research (8:07)
  • Google Product Research Hacks (6:13)
  • Purchase Product Research Free Hack (3:41)
  • Spy On Facebook Ads Free hack (5:59)
  • The New Best Combined Product Research Method DEEP RESEARCH 2020 (15:23)

Sale Page : https://ecomlifestyleuniversity.teachable.com/p/youtube-ads-ecom-blueprint


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