Russ Ruffino - Clients on Demand 2021 Download
Russ Ruffino – Clients on Demand 2021

Russ Ruffino – Clients on Demand 2021


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Russ Ruffino – Clients on Demand 2021

What You Learn:

  • Why complicated funnels and sales processes are a complete waste of time…and the simple process we use to enroll 5-figure clients like clockwork…

  • How we’ve earned $10 or more for every $1 that we spent on Facebook advertising for 4 years straight.

  • Why premium pricing is the secret to getting even better results for your clients than you are now…

  • How this one simple funnel generated $15 Million in 2018 …and allows our best clients to go from total unknowns to 6-7 figures in record time…

  • Why launches, branding, blogging, endless content marketing, and grinding out endless videos are the WORST way to attract new clients…and what you can do to create immediate momentum today

  • AND… how to do ALL of this while fulfilling your mission, getting stunning outcomes for your clients, and making the impact you were born to make!

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